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Model IC engines

The sort that you need a lathe to build. They roughly split into 3 ignition types, compression ignition [usually, called diesel], glow plug and spark plug.

As a youngster I enjoyed the diesel ones, they didn't need a battery and most of the fuel ingredients were available over the counter. Now older, I have bought a second hand Myford lathe with the intention of building some engines.


October, 2008 | By: John

This design appeared in Model Engine World magazine in 2001. It had several versions, [EZE2 & EZE3] featuring glow and diesel. It uses 3/4" square rod, so there is no castings and should be easy enough for a beginner, like me, to achieve a result, even if there are a number of replacement parts required along the way!

All model engine builders with an online presence must credit Ron Chernich and his [Model Engine News] site that has been running for many a long year. He has the dedication to produce a monthly update, come rain or shine. I look at some of the finished pieces on his site and shrug, you have to start somewhere!

I am planning to present some notes on my progress with the building of the EZE1. It took Ron about a week of building, I estimate my build time will be measured in months


As part of the stirling LTD project I have aquired a number of redundant disk drives, that I plan to recycle into crankcases. The Model Engineer journal back in the 1940s and 50s didn't seem to have any concerns about suggesting that for the latest design you should cast your own crankcase. I plan to reuse a small high-tech kiln that I build (for firing ceramic pieces) some time ago.

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