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Radio control model aircraft

My priorities have changed over time. I now enjoy flying a model aircraft rather than building them.
In the past I have spent a long time making and finishing a model. They looked good, but usually, had an unreasonably short life, before a crash.

With the advent of materials like depron and EPP [expanded polypropylene] models are quick to build and last through those innevitable crashes.


October, 2008 | By: John

I came across this in an R/C forum. Its designer Steve Bobich from Southern California promoted this low cost, resilient plane in a range of sizes from 22" wingspan up to 34".

The plane is built from 9mm EPP sheet foam throughout. It provides a light manoeverable plane that is highly crash resistant. My example has flown more than 25 hours with a lot of less than perfect touchdowns. Apart ftom gluing on some extra foam around the nose to stiffen up the motor mount, the design has not been modified at all. If it has a draw back it is the light weight, that limits flying to light wind days or inside. All my hours have been in a local field, I haven't bothered arranging access to fly it in a hall. I have practiced, inverted, knife edge, hovering and slow rolls; all of which have resulted in plenty of crashes, but it just keeps on flying.

I am building another EPP model with a built up fuselage. I haven't finished it yet, because the Slofly just keeps on going.