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Model Aircraft R/C

A selection of models, I chose the quick to build ones, so you can maximise your flight time. It includes Nutta which it describes as the best pre-CDrom plane. It goes even better with a small brushless motor! This is now a slow moving (excuse the pun) bulletin board, but it was the sales outlet for a clever but low priced design. See it in the foamies section. It is an outstanding build it, fly it, crash it, shrug, fly it type model, made in EPP. Regretably this site has disappeared
United Hobbies A comprehensive selection of R/C bits and pieces that are all priced in USD, which depending on the exchange rate can be very reasonable. Carriage from Hong Kong is usually supringly inexpensive, given the distance. I have bought Li-Po batteries, brushless motors and servos that were good value.

Model Engineering

Model Engine News Run by Ron Chernich. A well respected site with comprehensive content covering: history, news, books and magazines, construction and technical details of model engines. It contains several hundred webpages. It includes detailed building instructions for selected designs.

Kayaks Sea Paddler, a site run by two local experienced paddlers, which describes itself as the sea kayaking site for all kayakers, Sea kayaking in all its forms throughout the world. Currently offline
Kayak Paddling One of the best sites for kayaking technique, with animated sequences showing rolls and support strokes.
Quixotica Kayak rolling videos Every kayaker wants to roll, here's a selection of videos to play over and over in an attempt to figure out why your roll doesn't work
Wavelength Magazine Online american kayaking magazine.

Other interesting Stuff The provider of the free Boost C compiler for PIC chips. Includes an IDE for testing and debugging. Wind prediction site, covering Western Europe (and now US) with intuitive point and click. Winds strengths are colour coded so wind patterns can be easily predicted for a location. Recommended American magazine, with eclectic articles related to objects created, usually with both an artistic and a technological connection. It includes several step by step articles on a theme. Produced quarterly in paper and digital editions. Recommended. There is a similar publication CRAFT that my daughter likes.